Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bob Bob Ricard - London, UK

Bob Bob Ricard exterior
Back in May, I discovered that a friend's housemate was an avid foodie. I was scouring London restaurant sources and emailed her asking if she's dined at Bob Bob Ricard. She replied "No! Zomg! I want to go!". It took 6 months and 3 London visits to make this happen.
Press for Champagne
This photo summarizes what I knew about Bob Bob Ricard. They pride themselves on their champagne price points, blatantly bragging price differences on their wine and champagne menu. We quickly pressed the button and instantly the waiter was there. Actually, my friends were so eager they didn't realize he was already present. Cheers to prompt, friendly service.
Pol Roger 2000
Here was our exquisite bottle, the Pol Roger 2000, featuring an unbeatable price point. Whetting our taste buds, we fell upon the menu, arguing over mains and starters. We were in a sharing mood and did not want duplicate orders.

Truffled Potato and Porcini Vareniki served with Crispy Onion Rings and Sour Cream
This was the Truffled Potato and Porcini Vareniki. It pleasantly surprised my friend, not being what she expected. Vareniki is a type of Ukrainian Filled Dumpling. It was thickly filled with potato, the woody mushroom flavor present, truffle lightly landing last. 
Smokey Borsch with Beetroot, Cucumber, Boiled Quail Egg, and Smoked Orkney Beef | Cooked With Smokey Bacon
Beetroot is a current obsession, so I ordered the Smokey Borsch with Beetroot, Cucumber, Boiled Quail Egg, and Smoked Orkney Beef | Cooked With Smokey Bacon. The bowl came with a delicately chopped selection of those listed ingredients resting at the bottom. The server poured the thin blood red soup from a tureen. It was marvelously smokey, the bacon flavor running to the back of my throat.
Jerusalem Artichoke Dip with Caramelized Walnuts and Brioche Croutons
Here we have the Jerusalem Artichoke Dip with Caramelized Walnuts and Brioche Croutons. The soup was rich and medium thick. The nuts added a crunchy sweetness.
Wafer Thin Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Salad with Broadbeans and Mint
Visually feast on the Wafer Thin Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Salad with Broadbeans and Mint.
Zakuski Taster Plate
I knew that ordering a second starter was probably overkill, but I couldn't resist these Russian dishes. From the top right proceeding clockwise, we have Russian Salad & Truffle (pungent), Russian Herring (salty with thick jelly-like texture), Foie Gras Parfait & Truffle (slightly rich, foie miniscule grainy texture with crunch finish), and Jellied Ox Tongue (beefy taste, thin gelatinous layer with horseradish finish). I particular enjoyed the thin truffle slices. They were sublime contrasted with my previous overdone truffle experiences.
Here is the Pièce de Résistance, the Beef Wellington (for two) featuring 28 Day Aged Aberdeenshire Scotch Beef served with Béarnaise sauce. I didn't know what Beef Wellington was until my friend explained it to me. I was here to celebrate friends and food, so it was perfect. The smoke rising from its gorgeous pastry shell. The light sheen intimating what lay beneath.
Sliced Wellington
Our server sliced it into perfect proportions. Pink beef wrapped with porcini, encased in a pastry shell. With my knife in my right, fork in my left, I dove in and savored every morsel. And then I had more. 
Foie Gras
The Fillet Medallions Rossini, 28 Day Aged Scotch Beef. It is made with Seared Foie Gras and a Foie Gras Crouton served with Truffle Gravy. Decadent, rich with foie, it was love.
Meet the Old Bay Crispy Quail. It was a Two Spiced, Deboned Whole Quail served with Beetroot, Apple and Sultana Coleslaw. Fortunately, it came with a lemon scented dipping bowl. It was quite the hands on experience.

Eton Mess
Ready for dessert? A friend couldn't decide between the souffle or the Eton Mess. This is the Eton Mess en Perle made with Lime Meringue, Berries, Strawberry Sorbet, Raspberry Marshmellows and Cream. This was an extraordinary dessert. Layers of flavor, slightly herbaceous, a hidden treat.
Cheese Board
No self-respecting British restaurant could not have a cheese board. This was too much for one, so we helped her finish.
Why pick one when you can have three? Here is the Trio of Creme Brulees - Valrhona Chocolate, Passionfruit, Earl Grey Tea. Each had great flavors and made a unique statement.
My dessert was the Pineapple & Lemongrass Pannacotta served with Malibu Ice Cream. The pannacotta was so astounding I promptly forced it upon everyone to try. They did not complain. Simply amazing. 

Amongst the silver Christmas trees, lightly pink decor, and friendly waitstaff, we had a wonderful time. Waistbands stretched, we slowly exited.